Lastnight I attended the monthly Regional PartyLite Meeting across town from where I live. I have to be honest, I don't always want to go (in reality I don't have to), but I go for the training opportunities and to get ideas on how to grow my business.

Every month there are several PartyLite items that are raffled off and each month I buy the tickets and NOTHING. 

This month, I had a good vibe going on and actually won two items. This was the big prize of the evening a Reflective Tealight Cylinder, which is new this season. I have it arranged on my Mirrored Tray. An excellent addition to my show kit.

Sometimes it does pay off to go to meetings!

Scent Glow Warmers are the other option for those who want fragrance, but no flame. Match a warmer to your home decor and use the long lasting Scent Plus® Melts in all of your favorite PartyLite Scents. Mix and Match to create your own favorite scent or just use a single fragrance, the choice is yours!

The warmers start at $34.95 and the melts are $5 per package.

Go HERE for the warmers

Go HERE for the melts

Many items will be retired at the end of this month including a few Scent Warmers and other decor items that you won't want to miss out on!

HERE to see the items that will soon be going away.