A little PartyLite News that I wanted to pass along...

"Later this summer, PartyLite will begin phasing in Universal Tealights® in a "new" but familiar formula - the popular Bestburn™ wax formula currently  used in our jar candles.

 We are making the formula change in response to the unstable cost of petroleum, which has skyrocketed more than 30 percent in the last year alone. 

Additionally, oil companies are closing or refitting older refineries, and the production of oil by-products, including paraffin, continues to decline, making  sufficient supplies difficult to obtain.

PartyLite is mitigating the need to pass along even greater price increases by changing the wax in tealights, one of our most popular candle forms, to the Bestburn™ formula, which contains less paraffin. Due to the higher level of renewable ingredients in the formula (including soy), the tealights  have a creamier appearance while maintaining the same high quality and efficient burn time.

 We will deplete all inventories of tealights in the current formula before they are available in the new formula. Depending on inventories, some fragrances will be available in the new formula earlier than others, and it may take up to two years to transition all tealight fragrances."

New, environmentally responsible packaging!

"We are excited to  inform you that, later this year, we will begin transitioning to new packaging for core wax forms. A contemporary new design features less ink, and the boxes are made with unbleached, 100 percent recyclable paper stock. We will convert to new packaging for all other wax forms and accessories on a rolling basis.
What to expect during the transition. Because production has been under way for Fall/Holiday 2011 tealights for some time, they will not appear in  the new formula or new packaging until we replenish inventories. Additionally, during the transition, Consultants and Customers may receive tealights in the same delivery that are in different formulas and packages. The creamier look of  the tealights will clearly identify them as being in the new formula."
Cool New Packaging Coming Your Way!