Since I am taking a break from the candle peddling fun, thought I would suggest my favorite consultant to you as your candle and decor consultant - Noelle - I have known Noelle for a few years and she does such a great job at presenting PartyLite in a fun way. I hope that you will visit her website and take a peek at what's new.

Go HERE to acquaint yourself with Noelle!

Lastnight I attended the monthly Regional PartyLite Meeting across town from where I live. I have to be honest, I don't always want to go (in reality I don't have to), but I go for the training opportunities and to get ideas on how to grow my business.

Every month there are several PartyLite items that are raffled off and each month I buy the tickets and NOTHING. 

This month, I had a good vibe going on and actually won two items. This was the big prize of the evening a Reflective Tealight Cylinder, which is new this season. I have it arranged on my Mirrored Tray. An excellent addition to my show kit.

Sometimes it does pay off to go to meetings!