Spent this morning getting the house ready for my Fall Open House. 
New Food Items - Has anyone tried the Snickerdoodle Cheeseball Mix?
Ready for Autumn
Some new Halloween items as well as some old favorites.
Clearly Creative Votive Trio
Did you know that a PartyLite Host who has at least 10 guests in attendance at a home party can, on average, earn $100 in credit? IT'S TRUE! Home parties are the best way to earn lots of rewards and get the items you love for FREE!

What would YOU spend your $100 on? It would be like getting the Clearly Creative Trio picture here for FREE...or imagine $100 worth of candles/wax...FREE. Not only would you get FREE stuff - HALF price items would be your reward too. 

More guests, more sales, more credit...it's that easy!

If you have questions go HERE.

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