When I began my business a year ago, the Large Zinc Lantern was the only size available - now it comes in THREE! As well as a lovely tray.

This piece is an eye catcher and I always get comments from guests either at parties or friends and family who visit our home.
Weathered Zinc Lantern
Item #:  P90109
Textured metal and prism-tempered glass create a classic combination evoking simpler times.

21" h, 9 1⁄2" w, 9 1⁄2" d.
Price:  $100.00 each

Weathered Zinc Lantern - Medium
Item #:  P91057

A favorite design in a new smaller size! The glow from a pillar candle, mini barrel jar or votive cup, all sold separately, highlights the beauty of the lantern's unique prism glass panels.
Display with our Large and Small Zinc Lanterns for an eye-catching vignette.

Weather-resistant metal frame.
15 1/4"h, 6 3/4"sq.
Price:  $80.00 each

Weathered Zinc Lantern - Short 
Item #:  P91058

Perfectly sized for tables and little nooks in the garden. Add your own votive or tealight to the included glass votive cup for an inviting glow. Can be used with large tealights and mini barrel jars too! Display with our Large and Medium Zinc Lanterns for an eye-catching vignette.

Weather-resistant metal frame with prism glass panels.
11 1/4"h , 5 1/4"sq.
Price:  $60.00 each

Tray pictured here with the GloLite Pillar Garden Candles available in 5 fragrances and one unscented.
Weathered Zinc Garden Tray
Item #:  P91025

A dashing display of art deco grace! Geometric weathered metal frame holds a tempered glass tray. Equally beautiful for food or displaying a candle garden. Use with pillar candles, 3-wick pillars, tealights, large tealights, jar candles or add your own votive cups, all sold separately.

18 1/2"l, 14 1/2"w.
Price:  $50.00 each

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7/13/2012 03:24:11

Appreciate your info

Kristine Ehrke
4/5/2015 22:00:27

I saw your website. Do you have any of the large weathered zinc lanterns available? And if so how much are they? Thanks.

6/1/2015 02:09:52

Any possibility you have any of the small zinc lanterns? I need up to 4.

6/8/2016 13:03:33

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a the large latern.


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